Climate Change Analysis for the City of Tucson

Project Dates

This project assists the City of Tucson and its contractors in conducting a vulnerability assessment for the community, regarding anticipated climate change impacts. Researchers will conduct studies and deliver best estimates on: (a) projections of future climate and hydrology of the Tucson Basin; and (b) projections of future climate and hydrology of Colorado River surface water supplies that are part of Tucson Water’s water resources portfolio. Researchers will also synthesize state-of-the-art research related to: (a) Tucson energy-water nexus issues; (b) Tucson’s urban heat island; (c) risk related to selected diseases; (d) local food security; and (e) projected impacts and risks related to urban ecosystems and ecosystems surrounding the City. CLIMAS researchers and University of Arizona researchers will synthesize research on vulnerability assessment and adaptation-related economic research pertaining to Tucson and southern Arizona.

Temperature and precipitation projections were made for the City of Tucson for 1950-2099. These include maps of extreme temperature risk, flood risk, and combinations of (a) flood risk and socio-economic status and (b) extreme temperature risk and socio-economic status. The projections and maps aid the City of Tucson Office of Sustainable Development, and the City’s Climate Change Committee in anticipating and planning for future risk.