Climate Services Projects

Title CLIMAS Lead Project Dates Status
Snow Cover Mapping Roger Bales Completed
Understanding and Communicating Climate Change in the Southwest Jonathan Overpeck Ongoing
Southwest Climate Outlook (SWCO) Ben McMahan Ongoing
National Seasonal Assessment Workshops for Fire Potential Completed
Hydroclimatology & Paleohydrology for Decision Support Katherine Hirschboeck Completed
Decision Support Tools: CLIDDSS, FET, DDIT, Paleo Toolkit, and Others Holly Hartmann Completed
TreeFlow: A Drought Planning Resource for Water Management in the Western U.S. Connie Woodhouse Completed
Categorizing Urban Landscapes to Assess Drought Vulnerability Rolston St. Hilaire Completed
Innovative Water Transfer Tools for Regional Adaptation to Climate Change Bonnie Colby Completed
Southwest Monsoon Tracker Zack Guido Completed
La Niña Drought Tracker Zack Guido Completed
Transborder Climate Communication Completed
Border Climate Summary Completed
Planning for Drought in the Warming and Drying Southwest: Drought Indicators to Support Tribal Decision Making in the Four Corners Daniel Ferguson Completed
Achieving Scientific Literacy in the Classroom: Climate Science and Law Curriculum Ling-Yee Huang Completed
Droughtview - Keeping an Eye on Drought: Satellite Based Drought Monitoring and Assessment Michael Crimmins Ongoing
New Mexico Agroclimate Ongoing
Paleoclimate Tool - Tree-ring Reconstructions of SW Climate Completed
Treeflow - Streamflow Reconstructions from Tree Rings Connie Woodhouse Ongoing
WestMap - Climate Analysis & Mapping Toolbox Andrew Comrie Completed
Rio Grande|Bravo Climate Impacts & Outlook Ongoing
Community Climate Profiles Alison Meadow Ongoing
Southwest Tribal Data Summit: Partnering with Southwest Indigenous Communities to Identify Data Challenges, Needs, and Opportunities Ongoing
END InSight: El Niño-Drought Initiative Completed
Tribal Drought Information for Monitoring, Assessment, and Planning (DRI MAP) Michael Crimmins Completed