Southwest Tribal Data Summit: Partnering with Southwest Indigenous Communities to Identify Data Challenges, Needs, and Opportunities

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As Indigenous communities in the U.S. and around the world confront ongoing climate hazards and plan for future problems related to climate change such as threats to human health, a variety of challenges have arisen related to the data necessary to support decision-making. As Native nations seek to utilize the best available data and information to build climate resilience and healthy, sustainable communities, issues around data relevance, ownership, access, possession, and control arise. For example, a Native nation may collect their own data or have access to culturally sensitive traditional knowledge useful to inform climate-related decisions, but they may not wish to make that data widely available even though it may be helpful when seeking funding or engaging in regional climate adaptation planning.

A website about the Indigenous Data Sovereignty Summit in Arizona 2019 provides information about tribal interests and needs related to Indigenous data sovereignty use this site, which provides access to video and slide decks that were previously unavailable.…