Southwest Monsoon Tracker

Project Dates

Based on the success of the La Niña Drought Tracker, first published in December 2010, CLIMAS researchers developed the Southwest Monsoon Tracker, to help the region stay informed of observations, insights from experts, and cutting-edge science related to the monsoon and climate. The Monsoon Tracker began in June 2011 and was published through October 2011.

Monsoon storms deliver blinding dust storms, powerful winds, and raging floods that can wreak havoc on people and property. The intense rains also snuff out fires, ripen pastures, temper temperatures, and breathe life into dry landscapes. This summer monsoon plays a vital role in reversing or amplifying widespread drought conditions in the Southwest and quelling already existing summer fires.

Like the Drought Tracker, the goals of the Monsoon Tracker were to: 1) improve and expand the access of information related to monsoon conditions, 2) improve understanding of monsoon and climate, and their co-relation, and 3) provide insights for the ongoing discussion on climate services.