Collaborative Research on Environmental Risks and Built Environment in the Borderlands of the Southwest

Project Dates

This project emphasizes network development in the Sonora-Arizona border around environmental risks and air quality issues, small scale computing and technology, and small-scale solar feasibility. A possible outcome is to inform decisions about community solar prospects in Nogales, Sonora, such as a shared solar bank that multiple NGOs could use for power. Ongoing participation and presence are requisite parts of building and sustaining collaborative partnerships. The Covid-19 pause in travel shows how things begin to fade a little, although we are maintaining contact with the network through email, WhatsApp, and texting.

La EcoCasa en Nogales, Sonora website aggregates recent work on solar and sensor technology, as well as more than 10 years of previous work in this network of partners. It summarizes information about the feasibility and capacity for solar power in Nogales and the role of sensor technology in tracking environmental risks