Daniel Griffin

    Dan is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Arizona majoring in Geography and minoring in Global Change. His research is based on applications of tree-ring dating in the environmental sciences, and his interests broadly include climate variability and change, water resource issues, and science communication.

    Dan's current tree-ring research is focused North American monsoon variability in the southwestern U.S. His dissertation is a central component of a larger LTRR monsoon project, which is being led by his advisors Connie Woodhouse, Dave Meko, and others. Their findings may have implications for dendroclimatology, monsoon studies, southwestern ecology, and natural resources management on both sides of the border. Under the auspices of CLIMAS, a major goal of their research is to engage with monsoon stakeholders to produce and provide information that is useful for regional-scale decision making. Their research is funded by the National Science Foundation, and Dan's graduate studies are supported by an Environmental Protection Agency STAR fellowship.


Name Project type Project Dates
TreeFlow: A Drought Planning Resource for Water Management in the Western U.S. Climate Services -

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