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Monsoon 2020

Monsoon 2020: Well Below Average or Historically Dry?

Total precipitation (Jun 15 - Sept 30) for Arizona and New Mexico identifies the range of precipitation observed this monsoon (Fig. 1). July-Aug-Sept precipitation at stations around the region (Fig. 2), and maps of the seasonal ranking (Fig. 3), both illustrate features of a drier than normal monsoon.

Percent of normal precipitation (Fig. 4) and percent of days with rain (Fig. 5) during the monsoon (Jun 15 - Sept 30) further illustrate the widespread nature of the below average monsoon in 2020. In the historical record, there have been drier monsoons at various locations (see Fig. 2, previous page), but to see these low values across the region is much less common.

Online Resources

  • Figures 1,4, and 5 - UArizona Climate Science Applications Program - - data: PRISM Climate Group
  • Figure 2 - CLIMAS: Climate Assessment for the Southwest - - data: RCC-ACIS
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