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To co-produce or not to co-produce

TitleTo co-produce or not to co-produce
Publication TypeArticles
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsLemos, M, Arnott, J, Ardoin, N, Baja, K, Bednarek, A, Dewulf, A, Fieseler, C, Goodrich, K, Jagannathan, K, Klenk, N, Mach, K, Meadow, A, Meyer, R, Moss, R, Nichols, L, K. Sjostrom, D, Stolts, M, Turnhout, E, Vaughan, C, Wong-Parodi, G, Wyborn, C
JournalNature Sustainability

Researchers, stakeholders and funding organizations have embraced co-production of knowledge to solve sustainability problems. Research focusing on the practice of co-production can help us understand what works in what contexts and how to avoid potentially undesirable outcomes.