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Podcast June 2018 SW Climate Podcast - Dealing with Drought, Monsoon Outlooks, and the Magical Monsoon Mystery Tour 06/08/2018
Podcast 1075' - Shortage on the Colorado River Ep. 5 - Tucson Water & Muncipal Water Issues 08/12/2014
Podcast June 2017 CLIMAS SW Climate Podcast - Spring's Last Gasp, Reservoirs and Streamflow, Imminent Heat, and Monsoon Patience 06/01/2017
Podcast Aug 2020 Southwest Climate Podcast - June-Soon? Tracking Monsoon 2020 or Lack Thereof 08/11/2020
Podcast October 2013 Southwest Climate Podcast 10/02/2013
Podcast Nov 2022 SW Climate Podcast - Checking in on the Extended Transition Season 11/23/2022
Podcast July 2016 CLIMAS SW Climate Podcast - Monsoon Tercile Edition 07/31/2016
Podcast Oct 2019 Southwest Climate Podcast - The 'Conservation of Misery and Lapse Rate Doping' Edition 10/08/2019
Podcast Nov 2021 Southwest Climate Podcast - Monsoon 2021 Roundup 11/10/2021
Podcast SW Climate Podcast - El Niño Super-Podcast 09/24/2015
Podcast November 2018 Southwest Climate Podcast - Part 2 - El Niño in the Southwest 11/26/2018
Podcast December 2012 Southwest Climate Podcast 12/01/2012
Podcast Jan 2015 SW Climate Podcast: 2014 Year in Review, and Stuck in El Limbo 01/21/2015
Podcast Dec 2017 SW Climate Podcast - Convergence & Persistence in the SW - Drought, Wildfire, & La Niña Conditions 12/22/2017
Podcast Feb 2021 Southwest Climate Podcast - Recent Storms and Dry Forecasts - Diving into La Niña and 2021 02/09/2021
Press CLIMAS Renewed with $3.5M Grant 09/04/2012
Press Continued Dry Weather Across the West 01/29/2014
Press Water Vulnerability in Border Region 04/16/2012
Press Drought Worsens in Arizona, Rest of Southwest 01/30/2014
Press Bigger, Stronger, and Faster: Climate Change and the Colorado River Basin 01/10/2012
Press La Niña Delivers a Second Consecutive Dry Winter 03/20/2012
Press How would an extra month of 100-plus-degree days feel? 05/01/2013
Press FEMA: Caught Between Climate Change and Congress 01/27/2014
Presentation Anticipating the 2012 Monsoon: Current conditions and forecasts 06/04/2012
Presentation Heidi Brown - November CLIMAS Colloquium: A Southwest Perspective on Climate Change and Health 11/22/2013