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Type Title Date
Podcast Nov 2020 Southwest Climate Podcast - Unprecedented or Uncommon, A La Niña Winter after a Failed Monsoon 11/17/2020
Podcast Oct 2020 Southwest Climate Podcast - Monsoon 2020 Recap and Bracing for La Niña This Winter 10/16/2020
Podcast Sept 2020 Southwest Climate Podcast - Working Through the 5 Stages of Grief on this Years (lack of) Monsoon 09/10/2020
Podcast Aug 2020 Southwest Climate Podcast - June-Soon? Tracking Monsoon 2020 or Lack Thereof 08/11/2020
Podcast July 2020 Southwest Climate Podcast - The Monsoon's "Late" Start in Context Edition 07/15/2020
Podcast June 2020 Southwest Climate Podcast - TooSoon or Not Soon Enough, The Wildfire and Monsoon Edition 06/23/2020
Podcast May 2020 Southwest Climate Podcast - The Sticky Trough-Ridge-Trough Edition - Winter Recap, Spring & Summer Heat, and the Monsoon 05/28/2020
Podcast Apr 2020 Southwest Climate Podcast - The Wet & Wildflowery Winter-into-Spring Edition, plus COVID & Climate, Streamflow, Reservoirs, Wildfire, and Summer Monsoon/ENSO outlook 04/22/2020
Podcast Mar 2020 Southwest Climate Podcast - Winter Recap, State of the Snow, and Streamflow Forecast 03/17/2020
Podcast Jan 2020 Southwest Climate Podcast - Bold Predictions for 2020, Plus "Are We (still) in a Drought?" 02/19/2020
Podcast Dec 2019 Southwest Climate Podcast - Winter/Holiday Optimism Edition 12/24/2019
Podcast Nov 2019 Southwest Climate Podcast - Winter Storm "Emergency" Mini-Pod 11/27/2019
Podcast Oct 2019 Southwest Climate Podcast - The 'Conservation of Misery and Lapse Rate Doping' Edition 10/08/2019
Podcast August 2019 Southwest Climate Podcast - Tracking The Non-Soon - The Nobody Really Wins Edition 08/27/2019
Podcast August 2019 Southwest Climate Podcast - Monsoon MiniPod Round 2 - Rogue Storm Late Start Edition 08/12/2019
Podcast July 2019 Southwest Climate Podcast - Monsoon MiniPod - The Pesky Trough Edition 07/05/2019
Podcast June 2019 Southwest Climate Podcast - Astonishment re: May & Monsoon Preseason Edition 06/17/2019
Podcast April 2019 Southwest Climate Podcast - The Winner-Winter Narratives Edition 05/01/2019
Podcast March 2019 Southwest Climate Podcast - The Best Winter Since Last Winter Edition 03/15/2019
Podcast January 2019 Southwest Climate Podcast - Tracking Winter Precip, the Polar Vortex, and Waiting for El Niño 01/31/2019
Podcast December 2018 Southwest Climate Podcast - The Snow-tacular Podcast (or The Pod-tacular Snowcast) Edition 12/20/2018
Podcast November 2018 Southwest Climate Podcast - Part 2 - El Niño in the Southwest 11/26/2018
Podcast November 2018 Southwest Climate Podcast - Part 1 - Monsoon 2018 Rankings, Reliving October, and Wildfire 11/21/2018
Video NOAA RISA’s CLIMAS Team: Science Clears the Air in Dust Storm Response 11/09/2018
Podcast September 2018 SW Climate Podcast - Monsoon 2018 - The "Increased Chance of Above-Normal Expectations" Edition - Climatology(plus) Wins! 09/25/2018
Podcast August 2018 SW Climate Podcast - Monsoon Midpoint Review - The 'Expectations and Potential vs. Reality' Edition 08/21/2018
Podcast July 2018 SW Climate Podcast - A Little Better than Climatology - A Fast Start to "Monsoon" Precip and Optimism for the Season 07/12/2018
Podcast June 2018 SW Climate Podcast - Dealing with Drought, Monsoon Outlooks, and the Magical Monsoon Mystery Tour 06/08/2018
Podcast May 2018 SW Climate Podcast - Warm, Dry, and Windy - (this) May in the Southwest 05/16/2018
Podcast Apr 2018 SW Climate Podcast - Diving into Atmospheric Rivers & their Role in Southwest Precip 04/05/2018
Podcast Feb 2018 SW Climate Podcast - Realistic Expectations for Clawing Back to Normal Precip in a La Niña - Prospects for a Miracle March? 02/19/2018
Video George Frisvold on Arizona 360: Understanding Water Challenges for Agricultural Communities 01/11/2018
Podcast Dec 2017 SW Climate Podcast - Convergence & Persistence in the SW - Drought, Wildfire, & La Niña Conditions 12/22/2017
Podcast Nov 2017 SW Climate Podcast - A Tale of Two Octobers in the Southwest 11/09/2017
Podcast SW Climate Podcast - 2017 Monsoon Recap (June 15 - Sept 30) - Boasting, Coasting or Ghosting 10/03/2017
Video Alison Meadow - Community Climate Profiles to Support Adaptation Planning 09/29/2017
Video Connie Woodhouse - Engagement-Driven Climate Science in the Lower Colorado River Basin (LCRB) 09/29/2017
Video Dave Dubois - Impacts of Climate Extremes to Interstate and Local Trucking Industry Across NM and AZ 09/29/2017
Video Ladd Keith - Evaluating the Use of Urban Heat Maps and Models in Urban Planning 09/29/2017
Video Stephanie C. Rainie: Southwest Tribal Data Summit 09/15/2017
Video Jeremy Weiss - Improved Understanding of Climate Variability/Change - AZ/NM Orchards & Vineyards 09/15/2017
Video Michael Crimmins: Evaluating Existing/Developing New Drought Indices - Soil Moisture Time Series 09/15/2017
Video George Frisvold: A Colorado River Shortage Declaration: Planning, Responses, and Consequences 09/15/2017
Podcast August 2017 CLIMAS SW Climate Podcast - Monsoon Midpoint Recap - Swinging for the Fences 08/10/2017
Podcast July 2017 CLIMAS SW Climate Podcast - Monsoon Round One (Plus the 122nd Coolest June on Record) 07/17/2017
Podcast June 2017 CLIMAS SW Climate Podcast - Spring's Last Gasp, Reservoirs and Streamflow, Imminent Heat, and Monsoon Patience 06/01/2017
Podcast May 2017 CLIMAS SW Climate Podcast - Quiescent but Warm: Calm Before the Fire and Brimstone 05/04/2017
Podcast SW Climate Mini Podcast - March the "Snow-Eater" and Early April Fires (but not the Sawmill) 04/28/2017
Podcast Mar 2017 CLIMAS SW Climate Podcast - A Wild and Wooly Winter Worth Waiting For 03/08/2017
Podcast Jan 2017 CLIMAS SW Climate Podcast - La Niña's Best Impression of an El Niño 01/30/2017