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Hydrologic Extremes Workshop Part II | CLIMAS


Hydrologic Extremes Workshop Part II

Hydrologic Extremes Workshop Part II

Hydrologic Extremes and Water Management in a Warmer World – California Perspectives

California has been a leader in climate change adaptation, and California state agencies involved in the water sector are making good progress on adaptation related to water supply management and sea level rise.  However, planning for flood management-related adaptation is complicated by hydrologic non-stationarity induced by climate change, a concept that challenges traditional standards of practice in hydrologic analysis and engineering design that have been in place for decades. While prior workshops involving state and federal water agencies and the research community have revealed a variety of issues associated with climate change non-stationarity, developing clear, viable research plans is a needed next step. This workshop has two primary goals:

  1. identify research topics on extreme events in the West—with a focus on California—that can inform water management and that can be practically addressed in the short term, and
  2. develop a viable and prioritized research plan for about six extreme event-related topics.

This workshop is the second in a two-part series sponsored by the CDWR, CLIMAS and CNAP.