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CLIMAS Colloquium: A Southwest Perspective on Climate Change and Health

Friday, November 22, 2013

While there are generalizations that can be made about the effect climate change will have on health, these effects will vary by community.  This talk focuses on the Southwest and some of the health concerns that communities here may face, what actions are being done and what can be done. Brown will delve into the complexity that is climate change and health by focusing on an effort to predict future mosquito borne disease burden. Using a dynamic simulation model, she was able to estimate the number of West Nile virus vectors at different locations across the US under future climate scenarios. Her findings highlight the importance of local action as the changes in vector abundance are not consistent across locations.

November CLIMAS Colloquium: A Southwest perspective on climate change and health

Presenter: Heidi Brown, Ph.D., M.P.H,

Title: “A Southwest Perspective on Climate Change and Health”

Regional Climate Summit for Municipal Leaders: Economic, Health, Water & Transportation Impacts

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Workshop report now available: Planning for Change in Southern Arizona

Update: Thanks to everyone who attended this event and helped make this a successful workshop. Click on the Agenda link to the left to browse the workshop agenda, speaker bios, and to download PDFs of the presentations from this workshop.

Decision makers in southern Arizona face new challenges as climate variability and weather extremes increasingly affect the region. Our municipalities undertake planning activities and public investments that shape our economic prosperity, public health, and environment. Extreme events, warmer temperatures, and changes in precipitation will dramatically impact these efforts.   This half-day summit will explore the risks, potential costs, and proactive solutions necessary to combat and cope with climate change challenges affecting southern Arizona. Participants will learn from other municipal leaders and technical experts. The summit begins a dynamic regional dialogue to leverage ongoing and future efforts in cross-jurisdictional climate-related challenges.

Summit topics include:

  • Economic challenges and opportunities
  • Water, health, and energy in a changing climate
  • Public opinions about climate change