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Title Year
Climate Profile for the Upper Santa Cruz River Watershed 2021
Expanded Ethical Principles for Research Partnership and Transdisciplinary Natural Resource Management Science 2021
Planning and Evaluating the Societal Impacts of Climate Change Research Projects: A guidebook for natural and physical scientists looking to make a difference 2021
Climate Profile for The Highlands at Dove Mountain 2020
Climate Profile for The Verde Valley 2020
Building capacity for societally engaged climate science by transforming science training 2020
Maximising the benefits of participatory climate adaptation research by understanding and managing the associated challenges and risks 2019
Climate Profile for The City of Flagstaff, Arizona 2018
To co-produce or not to co-produce 2018
Drought Monitoring to Support Planning for the Hopi Tribe: Final Report 2010-2016 2017
An Ethnohistory of the NOAA RISA Program 2017
Discerning “Flavors” of Drought Using Climate Extremes Indices 2017
Rain gauges to range conditions: Collaborative development of a drought information system to support local decision making 2016
From principles to action: Applying the National Research Council’s principles for effective decision support to the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s watch office 2016
NOAA Western Region Climate Service Providers Database Development and Preliminary Analysis Report 2016
Moving Toward the Deliberate Co-Production of Climate Science Knowledge 2015
Technical Review of the Navajo Nation Drought Contingency Plan - Drought Monitoring 2013
The Missing Piece: Drought Impacts Monitoring 2013
Helping a Community Develop a Drought Impacts Reporting System 2013
Field of Dreams or Dream Team? Assessing Two Models for Drought Impact Reporting in the Semiarid Southwest 2013