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Title Year
Recent freeze events: Natural variability or weird weather? 2013
Increased health woes among climate change impacts 2013
Southwest must make choices about future climate 2013
More Than Just Talk: Connecting Science and Decisionmaking 2011
Rising temperatures bump up risk of wildfires 2011
Introducing the Moisture Balance Drought Index 2010
Downscaling Climate Projections in Topographically Diverse Landscapes of the Colorado Plateau in the Arid Southwestern United States 2010
Cooling systems affect resources, climate, and health 2007
Global warming in the Southwest: Projections, Observations and Impacts 2007
Water-Energy Trade-Offs Between Swamp Coolers and Air Conditioners 2007
Climate Change Effects on Southwest Water Resources 2007
Everybody counts when reining in global warming 2007
Global warming inspires a look at solar, wind energy 2007
Global warming in the Southwest: An overview 2007
Applications of Monsoon Research: Opportunities to Inform Decision Making and Reduce Regional Vulnerability 2007
El Niño: a wild card for climate change impacts 2006
Monsoon impact on society: the good and the bad 2006
Islands in a Sea of Change 2006
Rising temperatures bump up risk of wildfires 2006
Collaborative Stewardship to Prevent Wildfires 2006
Population growth, warming, and water supply 2006
Grassland dynamics shift with climate fluctuations 2006
Global warming could affect groundwater recharge 2006
Experts discuss early start to Southwest fire season 2006
Rising Carbon Dioxide Levels and Forest Management 2006
Management of Forests and Woodlands 2006
Hurricane intensity rises with sea surface temps 2006
Water, energy, and climate linked in complex ways 2005
Fire Season Could Mean Double Trouble for West 2005
More than Just Talk: Connecting Science and Decision Making 2005
Monsoon could strengthen as climate warms 2005
How to use the climate Forecast Evaluation Tool 2005
Walking The Talk: Connecting Science with Decisionmaking 2005
Will the drought continue? 2005
Climate experts discuss winter and spring forecasts 2005
Is global warming creeping into Southwest forests? 2005
Inquiry into monsoon and global warming continues 2005
Will April rains bring May flames? 2005
Monsoon forecasting could improve following study 2004
Low flow in the Colorado River Basin spurs water shortage discussion among seven states 2004
Scientists look to ocean for clues about drought 2004
The future Colorado River: Will it deliver? 2004
Forecasters expect below-normal East Pacific hurricane activity despite likely El Niño development this season 2004
Ranchers split on supporting grazing permit buyout 2004
The Heat Is On 2004
Climate experts discuss Southwest drought 2004
Southwest faces high fire risk despite recent rains 2004
Salt cedar: Villain or scapegoat when it comes to water use? 2004
Beetles devastate forests in response to drought 2004
Plan to thin trees in Apache-Sitreaves forest could increase streamflow in short term 2004
Southwestern drought regimes might worsen with climate change 2003
Average winter rains in Arizona could bring drought relief 2003
El Niño: A focus on variability 2002
Southwest drought could persist despite monsoon, El Niño 2002
Monsoon brings relief, but not likely to end drought conditions 2002