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Title Year
A Long View of Southern California Water Supply: Perfect Droughts Revisited 2020
1200 years of Upper Missouri River streamflow reconstructed from tree rings 2019
Reconstructions of Columbia River streamflow from tree ring chronologies in the Pacific Northwest, USA 2016
Three Millennia of Southwestern North American Dustiness and Future Implications 2016
Increasing influence of air temperature on upper Colorado River streamflow 2016
Transdisciplinary Climate Research to Support Decision Making 2015
Linking Environmental Research and Practice: Lessons from the Integration of Climate Science and Water Management in the Western United States 2014
Dominant patterns of US warm season precipitation variability in a fine resolution observational record, with focus on the southwest 2014
Sierra San Pedro Mártir, Baja California, cool-season precipitation reconstructed from earlywood width of Abies concolor tree rings 2013
The Continuum of Hydroclimate Variability in Western North America during the Last Millennium 2013
Reconstructed Cool and Warm Season Precipitation Over the Tribal Lands of Northeastern Arizona 2012
Reconstructed cool- and warm-season precipitation over the tribal lands of northeastern Arizona 2012
Second century megadrought in the Rio Grande headwaters, Colorado: How unusual was medieval drought? 2011
Making Decision-Support Information Useful, Useable, and Responsive to Decision-Maker Needs 2008
How tree rings can help reconstruct streamflow 2007
Drought, Tree Rings, and Water Resource Management in Colorado 2006
Long-Term Aridity Changes in the Western United States 2004