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Title Year
Weather Services for the Nation: Becoming Second to None 2012
Strategies and tactics for the design of hydroclimatic decision support tools 2012
Climate-Friendly Park Employees: The Intermountain Region's Climate Change Training Assessment 2011
Appendix 4 - Participatory scenario planning in regional and sectoral stakeholder activities in the National Climate Assessment 2011
An Emerging Protocol for Research to Operations (R2O) at Climate Prediction Center (CPD) 2011
A Formal Framework for Scenario Development in Support of Environmental Decision-Making 2009
Formal Scenario Development for Environmental Impact Assessment Studies 2008
Making Decision-Support Information Useful, Useable, and Responsive to Decision-Maker Needs 2008
Scenario Development for Water Resources Planning and Management 2007
Global warming in the Southwest: Projections, Observations and Impacts 2007
Decision Support Tools: Strategies for Effectively Linking Hydroclimatic Science and Society 2006
Climate experts discuss winter and spring forecasts 2005
Use of Climate Information in Water Resources Management 2005
Verification of National Weather Service Ensemble Streamflow Predictions for Water Supply Forecasting in the Colorado River Basin 2003
Advanced Hydrologic Predictions for Improving Water Management 2003
Water: science, policy, and management; challenges and opportunities 2003
Moving Borders from the Periphery to the Center: river basins, political boundaries, and water management policy 2003
Weather, Climate, and Hydrologic Forecasting for the U.S. Southwest: A Survey 2002
Better Communication with Decisionmakers: Focus on Forecasts 2002
Confidence Builders: Evaluating Seasonal Climate Forecasts from User Perspectives 2002
Customized On-Line Climate Forecast Evaluations: a Tool for Improving Water and Watershed Management 2002
Factors affecting seasonal forecast use in Arizona water management: a case study of the 1997-98 El Nino 2002
How Good are Seasonal Climate Forecasts? 2002
Using Climate Forecasts for Water Management: Arizona and the 1997-1998 El Nino 2001
Stakeholder Driven Research in a Hydroclimatic Context 2001
Climate Forecasts: a New Tool for Hazard Management in the Southwestern U.S. 2000
Seasonal forecasts for water resources in the U.S.: Southwest applications and evaluations 2000
Seasonal Water Supply Forecast Performance: Issues and Evaluations 2000
Weather, Climate, and Hydrologic Forecasting for the Southwest U.S. 1999
Teleconnections between Winter Circulation Patterns, Surface Climatology, and Vegetation Behavior in the Southwest U.S. 1999
Advances in Seasonal Forecasting for Water Management in Arizona: A Case Study of the 1997-98 El Nino 1999