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Title Year
Climate Policies as Water Policies 2019
Contribution of On-Farm Agriculture and Agribusiness to the Pinal County Economy 2018
Improving Water Footprint Calculations Using Local Agronomic and Environmental Data 2018
Water Use and Climate Effects on Farm Profitability in the Colorado Basin 2018
Contribution of Agriculture to the Maricopa County and Gila River Indian Community Economies 2018
Evaluating Gravity-Flow Irrigation with Lessons from Yuma, Arizona, USA 2018
Spatial and Temporal Patterns in Cotton Acreage Abandonment Case Study of Selected Counties in the US Cotton Belt 2017
Trends and patterns of water use in cotton production 2016
Economic Impact of Cooperative Extension Efforts in Rangeland Management for Northern Arizona Ranching Allotment. Working Paper 2016
Developing Sustainability Metrics for Water Use in Arizona Small Grain Production Final Report to the Arizona Grain Research and Promotion Council 2015
Managing Climate Risks through Water Trading 2015
The economic contribution of agriculture in Yuma County 2015
Water, Agriculture, and Drought in the West Under Changing Climate and Policy Regimes 2015
Invasive Species Control Optimization as a Dynamic Spatial Process: An Application to Buffelgrass (Pennisetum ciliare) in Arizona 2014
The role of economics in transboundary restoration water management in the Colorado River Delta 2014
Invasive Species Control Based on a Cooperative Game 2013
Climate and choice of irrigation technology: implications for climate adaptation 2013
Framing Scenarios of Binational Water Policy with a Tool to Visualize, Quantify and Valuate Changes in Ecosystem Services 2013
Chp 11: Agriculture and Ranching 2013
Assessment of Climate Change in the Southwest United States: A Report Prepared for the National Climate Assessment 2013
Climate Change Mitigation Policies: Implications for Agriculture and Water Resources 2013
Water Requirements for Large-Scale Solar Energy Projects in the West 2013
Use of weather information for agricultural decision making 2013
Farm size, Irrigation Practices, and Conservation Program Participation in the U.S. Southwest 2012
Less Water: How Will Agriculture in Southern Mountain States Adapt? 2012
Disaster Assistance and Crop Insurance Participation in the US 2012
Farm Resilience to Water Supply Variability: An Econometric Analysis of Risk Management Strategies in the Mexicali Valley, Mexico 2012
Climate, Water Availability, Energy Costs, and National Park Visitation 2011
Irrigation Technology Choice: The Role of Climate, Farm Size, Energy Costs, and Soils 2011
Implications of Climate Change Legislation for U.S. Cotton Growers 2011
Adaptation and resilience: The economics of climate, water, and energy challenges in the American Southwest 2011
Estimated Impacts of Climate Change Legislation on New Mexico Agriculture 2011
Applying Bargaining Theory to Western Water Transfers 2011
Per Capita Energy Consumption and CO2 Emissions: How and Why do States Differ? 2010
Crop Insurance Participation and Diasaster Assistance: A Simultaneous Model 2010
Resistance Management and Sustainable Use of Agricultural Biotechnology 2010
Impacts of Climate Change Legislation on Agriculture in the Rocky Mountain States: Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico. 2010
State Adoption of Greenhouse Gas Emission Targets and Renewable Portfolio Standards 2010
Strategic Behavior in Transboundary Water and Environmental Management 2009
Arizona Solar Energy and Economics Outlook: Report Prepared for Arizona Solar Energy and Economics Summit 2009
Simultaneous Diffusion of Herbicide Resistant Cotton and Conservation Tillage 2009
Rural-Urban Water Transfers with Applications to the U.S. Mexico Border Region 2008
How Can Tourism Research Benefit from Multi-Disciplinary Assessmesnts of Climate Change? Lessons from the U.S. Southwest 2007
How Can Recreation and Tourism Benefit from Multi-Disciplinary Approaches to Assess and Adapt to Climate Change? Lessons from the U.S. Southwest 2007
Federal Farm Programs and Water Use in the Western United States 2005
Some Highlights from the 2003 Farm and Ranch Irrigation Survey 2005
Investing in Border Water Quality 2004
Arizona Cropland: A Background Paper 2004
How Federal Farm Programs Affect Water Use, Quality, and Allocation Among Sectors 2004