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Title Year
Prioritizing Management and Protection of the Colorado River’s Environmental Resources. White paper 2016
Three Millennia of Southwestern North American Dustiness and Future Implications 2016
A Look at the Interim Guidelines at their Mid-Point. White Paper 2015
Arizona's Views on Climate Change - Executive Summary 2015
The Case for Conservation 2015
The First Step In Repairing The Colorado River’s Broken Water Budget 2014
Charting A New Course For The Colorado River: A Summary Of Guiding Principles 2014
Dramatic response to climate change in the Southwest: Robert Whittaker's 1963 Arizona Mountain plant transect revisited 2013
Chp 7: Future Climate: Projected Extremes 2013
The Continuum of Hydroclimate Variability in Western North America during the Last Millennium 2013
Summary for Decision Makers 2013
Chp 1: Summary for Decision Makers 2013
Climate Science: The challenge of hot drought 2013
Assessment of Climate Change in the Southwest United States: A Report Prepared for the National Climate Assessment 2013
Warmer Led to Drier: Dissecting the 2011 Drought in the Southern U.S. 2012
Climatic Limits on Foliar Growth During Major Droughts in the Southwestern USA 2012
Second century megadrought in the Rio Grande headwaters, Colorado: How unusual was medieval drought? 2011
Global Climate Change as a Local Phenomenon 2011
Climate Data Challenges in the 21st Century 2011
How to Take Climate Change into Account: A Guidance Document for Adjudicating Water Disputes 2010
Dry Times Ahead 2010
Keep the West Vibrant with a Strong Climate Change Policy 2009
Distinguishing Pronounced Droughts in the Southwestern United States: Seasonality and Effects of Warmer Temperatures 2009
Variable Oceanic Influences on Western North American Drought Over the Last 1200 Years 2009
Increasing Eolian Dust Deposition in the Western United States Linked to Human Activity 2008
Modeling Interactions Among Wildland Fire, Climate and Society in the Context of Climatic Variability and Change in the Southwest US 2006
Arctic System on Trajectory to New, Seasonally Ice-Free State 2005
The Heat Is On 2004
Abrupt Climate Change 2003
Multiyear La Niña Events and Persistent Drought in the Contiguous United States 2002
Climate Science and Services: Some Lessons from CLIMAS 2002