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Title Year
From principles to action: Applying the National Research Council’s principles for effective decision support to the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s watch office 2016
Moving Toward the Deliberate Co-Production of Climate Science Knowledge 2015
Planning for Change in Southern Arizona: A report from the Southern Arizona Regional Climate Summit for Municipal Leaders 2014
Drought on the Rio Grande 2013
Informing Decisions with a Climate Synthesis Product: Implications for Regional Climate Services 2013
The 2012 Monsoon Forecast: A Case for Optimism 2012
Droughts, Megadroughts, and More: A Conversation with Jonathan Overpeck 2012
Americans’ Perspectives on the Link between Extreme Events and Climate Change 2012
Coping with Drought on the Rio Grande 2012
ENSO-Neutral: Another Dry Winter? 2012
The MJO and a Tale of Two Winters 2012
The Costs of Drought on the Rio Grande 2012
Cinnamon Snow: Flecks of Dust Alter Western Water Supplies 2012
Deep Freezes: Will future warming paradoxically cause more extreme cold events? 2011
A Double-Dip? Mounting Evidence Suggests La Niña Will Return This Winter 2011
Rising temperatures bump up risk of wildfires 2011
Hydrologic Extremes and Water Management in a Warmer World - California Perspectives 2011
Extreme Events in the Southwest 2011
Atmospheric Rivers: Harbors for Extreme Winter Precipitation 2011
Dry Winter Escalates Need for Wet Monsoon 2011
Forecasting the Monsoon: What to Expect (or not) this Summer 2011
Climate Change and Water in the Southwest: A summary of a special peer-review article series 2011
Summer Blooms Wait on the Rain 2011
The 2010 North American Monsoon Forecast: A roundtable discussion with three monsoon experts 2010
El Niño–Southern Oscillation: the causes, impacts in the Southwest, and future 2010
Climate and fire connections: the 2010 fire season in review and beyond 2010
Warmer means drier: comparing the 2000s drought to the 1950s drought 2010
A One-Month Wonder: spottiness and brevity characterize 2010 monsoon season 2010
Monitoring snowpack and forecasting streamflows in the Southwest 2010
Connections between Climate and Groundwater in Arivaca, Arizona 2010
Climate Data Part 3: snow, climate, and stream - flow networks 2010
The final gasp: Pinyon pines die faster during warmer droughts 2010
Keeping pace with warming—can plants and animals move fast enough 2010
Climate data: the ins and outs and where to find what 2009
Climate data: the ins and outs and where to find what (Part 2) 2009
A warming world interspersed with cooling periods 2009
Putting Knowledge into Action: Tapping the Institutional Knowledge of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Regions 2 and 8 to Address Climate Change 2009
Two or 12 degrees warmer? Greenhouse gas emission scenarios that drive future climate outlooks 2009
Cattle and climate: Ranching in the arid Southwest 2009
What do we do now? Important climate change issues vocalized by resource managers 2009
Past and present climate 2009
The 2009 southwest monsoon: El Niño’s heavy hand 2009
Powering the Southwest with solar and wind 2008
Anticipating summer heat 2008
The wet winter and the basins' bathtubs 2008
Understanding the southwestern monsoon 2008
Phenology, citizen science and Dave Bertelsen 2008
Flash floods in city enviroments 2008