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Title Year
Contextualizing climate science: applying social learning systems theory to knowledge production, climate services, and use-inspired research 2019
Discerning “Flavors” of Drought Using Climate Extremes Indices 2017
Drought Monitoring to Support Planning for the Hopi Tribe: Final Report 2010-2016 2017
Partnerships Drive Science to Action Across the AGU Community 2017
Rain gauges to range conditions: Collaborative development of a drought information system to support local decision making 2016
Evaluation to Advance Science Policy: Lessons from Pacific RISA and CLIMAS 2016
Transdisciplinary Climate Research to Support Decision Making 2015
Hopi Climate: An Overview to Support Drought Monitoring and Management 2015
Moving Toward the Deliberate Co-Production of Climate Science Knowledge 2015
City of Phoenix Cool Urban Spaces Project on Urban Forestry and Cool Roofs: Assessment of Heat Mitigation Strategies in Phoenix 2014
Linking Environmental Research and Practice: Lessons from the Integration of Climate Science and Water Management in the Western United States 2014
Planning for Change in Southern Arizona: A report from the Southern Arizona Regional Climate Summit for Municipal Leaders 2014
Helping a Community Develop a Drought Impacts Reporting System 2013
Informing Decisions with a Climate Synthesis Product: Implications for Regional Climate Services 2013
Field of Dreams or Dream Team? Assessing Two Models for Drought Impact Reporting in the Semiarid Southwest 2013
The Missing Piece: Drought Impacts Monitoring 2013
Drought Monitoring with Remote Sensing Based Land Surface Phenology Applications and Validation 2013
Wildfire Management and Forecasting Fire Potential: The Roles of Climate Information and Social Networks in the Southwest United States 2012
Drought Preparedness for Tribes in the Four Corners Region Workshop Report 2011
Putting Knowledge into Action: Tapping the Institutional Knowledge of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Regions 2 and 8 to Address Climate Change 2009
Who’s paying attention to the drought on the Colorado Plateau? 2009
A shift toward aridity 2008